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Calculator Emsland Comfort


The following calculation applies to bookings up to 3 weeks. For a stay longer than 3 weeks, please contact us.

1. Number of persons:*

2.The costs of endcleaning depend on the size of your company.
If you e.g. come with up to 2 persons and only use the ground floor,
you get a discount of € 25,-- on the endcleaning.

Does this apply to you? *

3. Required Extras:

- Bedding* (€ 7,50 per package per person):

- Canoe?* (Apr. to Okt.)*: € 4,--per day for the whole stay / max. € 50,--, payable on site.

- Children's package?* (€ 22,50 per package: travel cot + baby bedding, high chair and baby-bath):

- Travelcot?* (€ 12,50):

- High chair?* (€ 5,--):

4. Enter finally the nights of your stay in the calendar below:  


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Please make sure that the nights you entered in the calendar, are indeed the intended ... nights of your stay!

Subject to errors and provided you've completed the form correctly and completely, apart from rounding differences the total costs of your stay would be:

€ 0.00

This amount is excluding canoe but including free entry to the subtropical swimming pool, free wireless internet, energy costs, € 0.00 taxes and charges, € 0.00 endcleaning and ordered extra's (bedsheets € 0.00, child package € 0.00, travelcot € 0.00, highchair(s) € 0.00)

There is no reservation-, modification-, and preferential fee

As security we ask for a deposit of € 150,--.