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Terms and Conditions Emsland Comfort

In Advance

With tenants in these conditions, all joint tenants are meant.

Booking and (down) payment

1. Immediately after we got a booking, the tenant receives an acknowledgment.
2. Once the booking is verified, the tenant receives in the case of:
1. approving: an overview of the booking with the amount payable for the booking, and the request to pay the due deposit within a week. If we have received this amount within this term, the reservation is definitively and binding for both parties. At the latest 6 weeks before the start of the stay, the payable booking amount has to be credited on our account.
Are these amounts not credited within these limits, we are allowed to
consider the reservation as cancelled by the tenant (see the rights of refunds below under “Cancellation”)
release the reserved data for new bookings.
2. rejection, or any comments, an e-mail message.
3. If no damages are to be settled (see below under “Deposit”), the full amount of the deposit will be refunded within two weeks after the stay.
4. In case of a booking within 6 weeks before the date of arrival, the tenant has to pay the payable booking amount + the due deposit. These amounts have to be credited to our account within a week after the booking (or if this is earlier, before the start of the stay).
5. Upon reception of the payment (the deposit or the total invoice amount in case of a booking within 6 weeks before the holiday), the tenant receives a confirmation email. The booking is at that moment definitively and binding for both parties.
6. With the payment, the tenant indicates that he is aware of, and agree with, these  conditions and to have understood them well.
7. In case of a to late and/or not fully payment of the amounts due in accordance with these conditions, we have the right to cancel the booking without notice and/or intervention of the court, without any right to a refund of payments, including the paid deposit.
8. If without notification, none of the tenants has appeared at 12:00 pm on the day after the start of the booking period, we may consider this as a cancellation by the tenant and dissolution of the lease; we therefore are allowed to release the remaining dates for new bookings.
9. We are allowed -without statement of reasons- to refuse reservations; groups and in particular groups of young people (mainly younger than 21 years) are generally not admitted.
10. If we, because of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, cannot fulfill the lease contract, we have to refund all the amounts already paid by the tenant.


As indicated above, the tenant has to pay a deposit. Basically we charge as deposit an amount of € 150, — per booking. However, if your company is a group that does not fall within the family framework, we are allowed to charge a deposit of € 400,– per booking. In case of damage not caused by wear or normal use, or loss or the incorrect leaving of the apartment, we can use this amount for additional (cleaning) costs. This does not release the tenant from liability for damages or loss that cannot be recovered from the deposit. The tenant remains fully liable for any damages, occurred directly or indirectly by his action or omission, and for all damages caused by any of his matters.

Cancellation *)

1. up to 6 weeks before the rental period, 100% of the rent paid will be refunded.
2. between 6 and 4 weeks before the rental period, 50% of the rent paid will be refunded.
3. within 4 weeks before the rental period, the rent paid is not refundable.
We therefore recommend a cancellation insurance.

*) Does not apply to rebookings: in the event of a rebooking accepted by us, the right to reimbursement will expire if this (re)booking is also canceled, regardless of the moment of cancellation.

Scope of the lease

1. Bed linen, towels, tea towels, cleaning products and toilet paper are not present. Only bed linen is optional to book.
2. All beds have single mattress with cover, quilt and pillow (also the double-bed on the ground floor). Also in the case you bring your own bedclothes: the use of an under sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase is mandatory!
3. You are
1. not allowed to make the property available to third parties for lease or loan.
2. only allowed to use the property as a holiday-home and not to use it for trade or company.
4. Without explicit and demonstrable consent of the lessor is staying for more than 8 persons in -or in the yard of- the property not allowed. The exception is a child younger than 3 years, for which in that case rent of a camp bed is mandatory. Child bed linen, an high chair and baby bath can optional be reserved. Overnight stays are only allowed to the persons who are listed on the booking form (in case of violation, tenant is due 15% of the rent for each unallowed person). In addition, the rental agreement can in both cases be considered as terminated. This for judge by the lessor. The property has then immediately to be delivered to the lessor, in accordance with the terms of a normal termination of the hiring period.
5. Tenant receives from us, after having booked its holiday with us, at about 14 days prior to arrival (or immediately in case of a last-minute booking) a voucher including the details of the booking and instructions concerning the acquisition and return of keys, barrier card and entry tickets to the swimming pool. This voucher is a valuable document and is provided only once per email. Tenant may copy it as many times as desired. However, the consequences of failure to submit the voucher, tenant can not hold us responsible.
6. The lease of the property runs from 16:00 hour on the day of arrival up to 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. At the latest at this time of departure, the tenant has to return the key(s), barrier card and the entry tickets to the swimming pool. Everything according to the instructions on it and on the form with practical information received on arrival. If one wants to leave earlier, this should be definitely reported by telephone (+31-629283504). There will then be discussed what to do.
7. Smoking and pets are not allowed in our holiday home.
8. Also it isn’t allowed to make changes to the menu of the television, as well as to rinse diapers, baby wipes, cotton wool, sanitary napkins, etc. and food remains or baking/frying fats through the drains or the toilets.
9. When there are windows and/or outside doors open, the thermostat of the heating has to be set to a temperature lower than the outside temperature.
10. If the tenant or visitor (s) admitted by him, does not observe the obligations under these conditions, despite any prior warning and in such degree that by the standards of reasonableness and fairness of us cannot be expected that the lease is continued, we or our observers have the right to finish the contract with immediate effect and to deny access to our property. This without the obligation to refund the received amounts. This also includes non-compliance with the Park Regulations, in particular non-respect of the night’s rest or unnecessary nuisance to the park!
11. We are committed to deliver the property within our possibilities in perfect condition, clean and tidy, to the tenant. Despite all our care, there can always be something that escaped to our attention. Therefore, the tenant has to check on arrival for damages or missing items (an inventory list is included in the Information Folder in our property) and to report imperfections as soon as possible, in any case no later than at 12:00 pm the day after arrival.
12. Tenant is in case of complaints obliged to allow us a reasonable period of time to (let) rectify/repair defects and damages. In case of, and because leaving from the apartment before the end of the rental agreement makes it impossible to rectify or repair the defect or damage, this is without the written permission of the lessor at the expense and risk of tenant. Tenant risks in that case not to be able to dissolve the rental agreement due to substantial defects. Or to have no right of compensation or proportionate reduction for the period that his holiday pleasure was affected by a defect of the rented property.
13. We are not liable for situations, or damages (of any kind) as a result of and/or associated with your stay on Parc Emslandermeer, including:
1. theft, loss or damage of your properties
2. accidents or injury during or as a result of your stay
3. nuisance caused by noise, construction or street work outside our property, or by remedying malfunctions or defects on our property and the necessary periodic garden works there
4. changed opening hours or closure of facilities outside the park, including shops, restaurants, amusement parks, etc.
5. the failure or inoperability of technical equipment, public utilities and/or facilities on the park
6. changes in the possibilities for swimming, sailing or fishing
7. costs arising from failure to reach the property in time, due to delay
8. any disturbance, modification or impediment of the stay of tenant, if this is the result of force majeure or unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond our control.
9. disasters/calamities, in whatever form, which make your stay unpleasant.
14. Nor are we responsible for information provided by third parties.
15. Our liability is in all cases and at any time limited to direct financial damage and at most the amount of the rent paid from tenant (including the deposit). For immaterial damage or indirect financial damage (consequential damage) we can not be held liable.
16. Tenant will be sufficiently aware of the practical matters given to him in a writing at his arrival. This relates i.e. to instructions regarding the use of the holiday-home, how it has to be left behind on departure, and reporting damages or missing items.
17. Tenant has fully and joint liability for damage to the rented property and/or furniture, occurred by his actions or negligence.
18. Any damage should as soon as possible communicated to us. Tenant has a duty of care, to prevent aggravation of damage and defects, and to cooperate in keeping the damage as small as possible. In the interest of tenant, our interest and the interest of the following guests, we will undertake action as soon as possible. This can avoid many inconveniences and rework.
19. We have the right to inspect the property during the rental period as well as to check whether the present tenants are in accordance with the persons mentioned on the booking form.
20. It is explicitly not permitted to move cabinets and beds, as well as sound- or television equipment, or to go outside with taking along any part of the furniture (except of course tableware, glassware and cutlery for a meal outside). Whether or not temporary, it is not allowed to take along any part of the inside or outside inventory (including tableware, glassware and cutlery) to another house in or outside the park.
21. The accomodation has to be left behind in good shape in accordance to the instructions on the form with practical information provided on arrival. In case of use of the canoe, it has at the end of the rental period at the designated location also to be left clean, as well as locked with the appropriate lock in the correct way.
22. Objects that are forgotten will be stored by us for a maximum of one month after a stay. Are they not obtained within that period, we may assume that the tenant waives recovery. The costs of packaging and postal (€ 10,–) and shipping have to be paid by tenant in advance and within 14 days we got his request. In the other case, we may assume that tenant waives his rights. We are never liable for any damage to the forgotten item.


Our property has Internet. This is a standard Internet connection. You’re free to use it or not.
We can not be held liable for any failures in the transmission of the signal and adverse consequences of using it, such as viruses, spam, etc., In order to guarantee your privacy as much as possible, we maximized the link encryption (WPA2) and gave it a password.
Tenant is solely responsible for the consequences of the use. This use has to be in all cases in accordance with the relevant legislation. In case of violation tenant is fully and severally liable for the direct or indirect damage and costs resulting from this.


Your privacy is very important to us. We take our responsibility regarding the security of your personal information very seriously. We understand that the online booking of a holiday home and the online contact thereafter, has to be completely confidential. We therefore are committed to protecting your personal information and to being transparent about the information we are collecting about you and what we do with it. Your data will never be disclosed to third parties, except to carry out our agreement with you or to fulfill a legal obligation. With your booking you agree to the use of your data in accordance with our Data Protection.


Despite our best efforts, tenant may have a complaint about our property. In any case, tenant will have to contact us as soon as possible, so we have a chance to solve it as good as possible. If the complaint has nevertheless in tenant’s opinion not been solved satisfactorily, tenant can until two weeks after his stay with us, complain via the contact form of this website. We will do the utmost yet to get a solution.

Park Rules

Tenant and landlord are bound to the Park Rules of the park, summarized below in abridged form. These Park Rules and our Terms and Conditions form the basis of the lease between us and tenant. The full text of the Park Rules can be read at the entrance of the Center building, but is also added to the Info folder in our property.
1. Between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. there has to be absolute night rest at the park. Also is the use of motorized vehicles during this period not allowed. In case of departure before 7:00 a.m. or arrival after 10:30 p.m., there has to be parked outside the park.
2. In the event of calamities and the arrival and departure of emergency services, paths, access roads and barriers must always remain free of cars and other obstacles.
3. The road traffic regulation applies also to Parc Emslandermeer. The maximum speed is 15 km/h. and scooters and mopeds are prohibited. Pedestrians and (playing) children always have priority.
4. The maximum speed on all waterways of Parc Emslandermeer is 6 km/h.
5. Visitors have to park their cars anytime at the parking places in front of the barrier or the main building.
6. Tenant is responsible and liable for the behavior of his guests at the park and in and around the main building.
7. Use of the facilities of the park is at own risk of tenant and is for children under 12 only allowed when accompanied by an adult.
8. Children without a swimming certificate must at all times be supervised by an adult with a swimming certificate.
9. Fishing in the park is only allowed with the personal Fishing Pass (and in accordance with the associated conditions), provided to you as an attachment to the information sent for your stay.
10. Waste has to be deposited in closed plastic bags in the (separate) containers for this purpose at the main building.
11. Mondays and Fridays between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. all loose items such as bicycles, chairs, toys, etc. should be cleared around the holiday home as well as access to the lawn has to be cleared, anytime in such a way that the grass can be mowed unhindered.
12. It is not allowed to
leave food in the park and feed birds or other animals in the park.
contaminate the surface waters
use materials that can cause damage to the environment, or are harmful or inconvenient to other users
dig holes or damage publicly green
use open fire, other than in a BBQ
repair and wash on site vessels and (motor) vehicles
run engines otherwise than to move the vehicle
playing football or other ball games otherwise than in the designated places
flying drones without prior permission from the administration
sail with motor boats on the inner lakes of the park (with the exception of the surf lake)
enter an accommodation and associated property elsewhere without permission of the owner
give keys and/or passes to others
charge an electric car fromout the holiday accommodation
place caravans, campervans and (party) tents on the park or the yard of the properties
use alcohol outside the accommodation, to be guilty of public drunkenness or to use or possess drugs at the park
causing (other) inconveniences to others, including annoying music or noise
13. In all cases:
nuisance can lead to removal and denial of access to the park, where necessary in combination with (high) penalties
calling in the security service is charged to us as lessor, but will be at the expense of tenant.

Governing Law

Although tenant and lessor will do utmost to resolve any dispute by mutual agreement, the lease is subject to Dutch law, even if a tenant lives abroad. Unless otherwise required by law, exclusively the courts of the region Groningen are authorized to treatment.

Disclaimer concerning our website

We have build the information on our website as carefully as possible and we will do our best to keep it up to date. For any errors in our or third parties information, changes of which we have not been informed, or type errors, anywhere, we cannot be held liable.
In describing the park and the property, we mention the facilities (not exhaustive). Some are seasonal, some require an additional charge, others are included. This information may change, as also applies to the description of the surroundings and trips.
The pictures are both homemade pictures, photos of third parties and selected impressions. Distances are listed as a best indication. To this no rights can be derived.
For all of this applies: tenant can contact us shortly before his stay, to ask for up-to-date information. If necessary we will try to examine the actual situation.

Final condition

Should a condition in these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, be invalid, then this doesn’t affect the legal validity of the rest of these Terms and Conditions.

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