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For All ages

1. Bourtange

Bourtange, who has not heard of. And who would let go the chance of a visit, now that you’re so close. The fortified town is less than 7 km from the Parc and is definitely worth visiting. Regularly there are plenty of activities, as well as demonstrations of crafts.

In and around the fortress Bourtange is much to see. There are e.g. the various officers houses officers (Majors House, Captains House, Commanderie, Master House, Convoi-Master House) the Father’s house, the soldiers’ barracks, the guns, the two gates, the secretions (toilets of the past), the bastions, the bridges, the canals, the walls, the guard booths, the picturesque market square, the church, the turf barn, the horse mill, the post mill, the synagogue, the powder houses, the former forge, the bridge operators houses, etc.

Bourtange for all ages Battle of Bourtange for all ages

2. Historic Railway S.T.A.R. in Stadskanaal

Historic Railway S ·T ·A ·R drives since 1994 with a historic steam train between Veendam and Musse;lkanaal. A distance of 26 km. The track runs almost entirely along the border between Groningen and Drenthe, the Semslinie, and thus crosses the region known as the “Veenkoloniën” of East Groningen.

The museum railway has only a limited service scheme. To avoid disappointment it is recommended to consult first driving on their site.

Historic Railway S ·T ·A ·R  for all agesHistoric Railway S ·T ·A ·R for all ages

3. Zoo Wildlands Emmen

The Zoo in Emmen is one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. In a park-like setting the animals feel themselves as in their natural environment. No fences. No bars. As a visitor you get very close to nature.

Additionally, the park also features special pavilions such as the tropical butterfly garden, the Biochron, the sewer rats, sharks, the Savannah building, the Asia House and Oasia.

Wildlands Wildlands Wildlands

Wildlands Wildlands Wildlands

4. Dinopark Tenaxx

Dinopark Tenaxx is a 33-hectare hilly landscape with ponds and forests. The arboretum (tree collection), which accounts for one-third of the total area, contains the world’s largest collection of mourning trees. Many of the tree species found there date back to the time of the dinosaurs. To show how trees and animals have evolved together over the course of millions of years, more than twenty life-size dinosaurs can be found on site. Trees and dinosaurs form a fascinating primeval landscape.

There is also an exhibition of replicas, dinosaur skeletons and skulls. There are, among others, an impressive four meter high skeleton of an Albertosaurus and a model of a skull of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Landgoed TenaxxLandgoed Tenaxx Landgoed Tenaxx

Landgoed Tenaxx Landgoed Tenaxx Landgoed Tenaxx

5. Miniature Park “The Great North”

Located next to Dinopark Tenaxx, there is another unique attraction near our holiday home: Miniature Park “The Great North”.

The park comprises almost 80 miniatures in scale 1:25 of characteristic, striking houses, buildings, towers, mills etc. in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.

The true-to-life miniatures, made with great precision, form a fantastic spectacle. Walking through the beautiful park you get a unique overview of the striking buildings and sights of the Northern Netherlands.

The park shows the beauty and importance of the three northern provinces. That is why the name ‘The Great North’ was chosen. One theme is highlighted per province:

  • Province of Groningen: the 80-year war
  • Province of Friesland: the Elfstedentocht (200 km speedskating)
  • Province of Drenthe: the hunebed builders

Het Grootse Noorden

6. DX Adventurepark

DX Adventurepark is the largest open water park in the Netherlands in Gasselte, on the banks of the recreational lake ‘t Gasselterveld. Learn to jump at a high level on the 6 spectacular slides, up to 11 meters high. In 90 minutes you will learn the principles of ski jumping from an instructor. Even for daredevils, an adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

Let’s play! Tackle the obstacles of the aquapark and let the blob launch you.
Splattered? Make the coolest tricks on the trampolines with Bigairbag or drink a smoothie on the terrace with an amazing view of the aquapark and its jumps.

DX Adventurepark emslandermeer.eu DX Adventurepark emslandermeer.eu DX Adventurepark emslandermeer.eu

7. Seal sanctuary Pieterburen

The seal sanctuary Leni ‘t Hart in Pieterburen is so special, that this is sure worth a day trip.

Since the establishment of the seal sanctuary in 1971, Lenie ‘t Hart captures sick and injured seals. The center has been developed from a simple “nursery” for young seals, into a scientifically-based seal hospital that works with all related facilities such as quarantines, a laboratory, a pharmacy and all possible research equipment. All captured seals are returned to the sea after a stay of several weeks up to a few months.

To inform as many people as possible about the work of the sanctuary and the problems of the seal and its environment, in the visitors centre there are guided tours, a permanent exhibition, the confrontation with the seals care and education through various informative films. There will always walk around employees who can answer most questions. Every day of the year, the sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to take note off what happens to seals and their habitat and what the sanctuary does to remedy that situation.

Yet in the city of Groningen? Then a visit to and a climb of the Martini Tower is not only a nice attraction but also a great challenge. After a tough climb,  d’Ole Grieze, as he is popularly called, provides a beautiful view over the entire city. And on a clear day even of a whole lot of the region (“ommeland”).

Martinitoren Stad Groningen voor alle leeftijdenMartiniturm Stad Groningen für alle Altersgruppen

9. A canalcruise in the city of Groningen

For young and old a tour through the canals of the city gives a very different view of that same city. The canal boats are docked at and leave opposite the main Railway Station (“Centraal Station”). And now you are there, you surely should also take a view of the main hall of this Station, which is completely restored in its original state.

Also a romantic cruise with mulled wine and candlelight through the canals of an enlightened Groningen is a whole experience. But it is now evening …
Ask the students what that means. Because Groningen is a real college town.

Canalcruise in the town of Groningen for all ages Canalcruise in the town of Groningen for all ages Canalcruise in the town of Groningen for all ages

10. Forum city of Groningen

Forum Groningen
including e.g.:

  • three catering establishments: a grand café, a film café and a ski lounge with a rooftop restaurant;
  • Storyworld: museum for comics, games and animation
  • Exhibition spaces with (inter) national exhibitions
  • Cinema with 5 cinemas and a rooftop cinema on the roof terrace
  • the tourist office and various open squares


11. The Meyer Shipyard in Papenburg (Germany)

Since 1795, the “Meyer Werft” builds ships in Papenburg, just across the border near Bellingwolde. And now she owes her fame to the building of huge and very luxurious cruise ships. Because of the depth of the river Ems, they are phased out in our own Eemshaven. The presence there, but also the shipping towards it, attracts numerous day trippers.

For visitors of the Yard (reservation at the Papenburg Tourist agency is required!), there is built a visitor center, where through exhibitions, films and a simulator, one enters the world of shipbuilding.
“Sailors” are magically attracted by visiting a ship under construction and the ship dock. It’s a real experience to enjoy both the production process as well as the glamour of the cruise giants.

Meyer Werf bouw vd aidasol.jpg Meyer Werf Disney Fantasy

12. The open-air museum “Hoogeland” in Warffum

With twenty buildings in the centre of the village of Warffum, Open Air Museum Hoogeland shows how hundred years ago one lived and worked in the countryside. If one looks around in the living room, bedroom or the workplace, through the detailed design of the houses, it looks like the occupants have just left for a moment.

The museum gives you a realistic view of the village society of  hundred years ago: the house of a laborer, a painter’s workshop, a school and a pub. There are also a butcher, a blacksmith, a printing company, a caravan, a bourgeois house, the houses of the veterinarian and the clerk, a hospice for old women and a captains house.

open-air museum "Hoogeland" for all ages open-air museum "Hoogeland" for all ages

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