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1. Spa Center Fontana in Bad Nieuweschans

Spa Center Fontana is primarily a wellness center with cebtral the thermal bath. The water is pumped from a well at about 600 meters depth and contains many beneficial minerals. The water temperature is 36°C.

The high salinity of the thermal water reinforces the upward pressure, which occurs weightlessness while bathing. This will relieve muscles and joints and softens possible pain. The magnesium is calming, muscle relaxing and good for energy metabolism. Bromide has a disinfecting effect and iodine activates the thyroid and has a beneficial effect on inflammation of the musculoskeletal system. During bathing, the body is warmed up. As a result this widens the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure, accelerates the heartrate and metabolism and increases the oxygen uptake. This improves the blood circulation and the elimination of waste.
Fontana Bad Nieuweschans Fontana Bad Nieuweschans Fontana Bad Nieuweschans 

2. The monastery in Ter Apel

Since 1992 the Ter Apel Monastery belongs to the UNESCO “Top 100” of immovable properties in the Netherlands. Protected under international law. This quality assurance confirms the unique status of the monastery and its irreplaceable role.

Hear the silence … That is essentially what the Monastery is. There are regularly sightseeings. The monastery garden, an herb garden with a variety of spices, will not be forgotten.

But apart from the monastery itself, it are also the regular exhibitions that attract many visitors.

klooster Ter Apel Klooster Ter Apel  

3. The Groninger Museum

When visiting Groningen, a visit to the Groninger Museum is very worthwhile. The museum itself is alraedy a masterpiece in itself and is located on an artificial island, opposite the Central Railway Station of Groningen. The museum bridge, a work of art from itself, is an important bicycle and pedestrian link between the Railway Station and the centre of the city.

In the Groninger Museum there are constantly high-profile exhibitions. In addition, it has several permanent collections, including a large collection of watercolors and paintings, donated by the family of Taco Mesdag.
In the Pavilion of Michele de Lucchi and Philippe Starck, you are enchanted by the famous dutch “Ploeg” Collection and the collection of Japanese and Chinese porcelain.

Groninger museum Groninger museum Groninger museum  

4. The Bell (“Klokkengieterij”) museum in Heiligerlee

The Bell Museum of Heiligerlee is established since 1987 in the fully restored factory building of the foundry family van Bergen in Heiligerlee. This family started in 1795 with a bell factory in Midwolda (Oldambt).

The building dates from 1862 and still includes the former heart of the company, the casting pit. The museum has an impressive collection of clocks, tower clocks, fire engines and related objects. The attractions of the museum are currently, in addition to the above mentioned collection, a working playing drum with a 49-bell van Bergen carillon in the beautiful garden at the museum.

The company van Bergen fabricated not only bells and tower clocks, but made in the distant past also various types of fire engines and lateron even complete fire trucks.

 Klokkengieterijmuseum Heiligerlee Klokkengieterijmuseum Heiligerlee Klokkengieterijmuseum Heiligerlee  

5. Oude Schans and its Fortress museum

In addition to Bourtange, Oudeschans is the smallest fortified village (about 100 inhabitants) of the eastern of the province of Groningen. One can walk extended along a marked route. This route runs mainly on the former defensive ramparts along the old Westerwoldsche Aa and the picturesque fortified village itself. A village with many attractions, including the Fortress Museum.

On the village square one finds find the fortified well (“vestingput”), recovered and re-bricked in 1983. Near Achterstraat 11 one finds the fire engine house, with in it an original antique fire engine.

The walktour takes one along the old harbor, which is a remnant of the old Westerwoldsche Aa, and over the drawbridge with barrier (a shutoff); this was built in 1976 over the dead arm of the Westerwoldsche Aa as a copy of the bridge that previously was located in Oudeschans.

Oudeschans Oudeschans vestingmuseum  

6. The Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam

The Veenkoloniaal Museum tells the story of the east of the province of Groningen, the peat growth and the immeasurable Bourtanger Moor. One gets to meet the prehistoric man, peat diggers, boatmen and sailors. But also with the strawboard workers and the wonder world of the potato starch production.

Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam Winkler Prins voor het Veenkoloniaal Museum  

7. Nieuw Statenzijl and the Reiderwolderpolder.

Where does one stop when trying to show a region?: at the moment one think having given enough suggestions.

This means that there are still many more sights, museums and attractions, which are not included. Not because they are not worth of placement, but simply because one cannot be complete.

We therefore want to finish with an area quite different from our intimate and romantic Westerwolde. An area that stands model for the image that ‘they’ have of Groningen. And therefore deserves to be listed here.

Because it is -and remains- very special. That vast skies and endless plains, as one see nowhere else. You hear only the wind and all sorts of birds singing their songs. In the bird hide, the outdoors live automatically becomes your inner live. An almost spiritual experience.

Nieuw Statenzijl, the most north-eastern part of the Netherlands and adjacent to it the Reiderwolderpolder. A trip by car or bicycle through the area: your breath will stop.

Nieuw Statenzijl Nieuw Statenzijl


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