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Nice Westerwolde

Westerwolde is an area where you can still go on “expedition”. An area whith hundreds of years old forests, grasslands, river valleys, small lakes and canals. Where the picturesque villages are hidden in their natural environment. Where the rest can be found, already lost in so many other places.

And not less important: statistical data from the Dutch Meteorological Institute KNMI shows, that Westerwolde together with a piece of Twente and a part of Zeeland, counts the most hours of sunshine per year in the Netherlands! So the ideal place to spend your holiday!

Biking and hiking.

Smeerling in Westerwolde

Parc Emslandermeer is located in this picturesque Westerwolde, an offshoot of the Drentse Hondsrug, in the river landscape of the Ruiten AA, on the border between Germany and the province of Drenthe, in the southeastern of the province of Groningen. An excellent bike- and hike-area.

idyllic roads in the netherlandsOriginally it was the largest wetland of north-western Europe, the “Bourtanger Moor”.

The area is, in contrast to the northern part of the province Groningen, with its endless plains where the wind has totally free play, small, picturesque and very intimate. It will surprise you.

Ter Wupping, Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Holland

In our apartment, we provide our guests with many biking- and hiking routes. Even own routes, based on childhood memories of a “slightly further” past. In addition you can get several routes at the tourist office in the village. And of course are there several marked hiking and biking routes in the area.

All together sufficient kilometers of cycling and hiking trails, to discover the most beautiful places of Westerwolde. Walking for hours in the natural areas of the region. It will not be easy to make your decision. If necessary, bikes can be rented at the village.


kayaking on the Westerwoldse Aa or on the Ruiten Aa canoeing on the Ruiten Aa

Also not commonplace: a picturesque canoe trip in your own or a rented canoe on the Ruiten AA or Westerwoldse AA. Or a boat trip from the marina in the Parc to Bourtange. You see: much, if not everything, is possible.

Intimate and varied, caught in time…

…that’s Westerwolde.

A surprising landscape with centuries-old forests, curved streams in their picturesque valley, sloping meadows, many kilometers of ancient wood walls, beautiful natural areas, historic ashes, moors, heaths, hamlets, sometimes with only a few farmhouses. Indeed: a surprising landscape.

our region Westerwolde a foliage-rich and intimate landscape

The numerous hamlets with their Saxon farmhouses still breathe the atmosphere of past times. The valley of the rivers Ruiten AA and Westerwoldse AA, both trickling and meandering through the country, is a haven of tranquility.

Saxon farm Smeerling Holland Smeerling, Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Holland


A few examples from the neighborhood to get a still more accurate picture of the location of the Parc:


Ter Wupping

One of the many beautiful natural areas, and a very special hiking area, is located around the hamlet Ter Wupping,  less than 3 kilometers from the Parc. Sloping fields, hay meadows and hedgerows, with in the valley the Ruiten AA.

endless cycling ... or hiking


Adjacent to Ter Wupping, separated only by the road Vlagtwedde-Onstwedde, lies the natural area Smeerling. With a protected hamlet with the same name and some beautiful restored Saxon farmhouses. An ideal hiking area of 228 hectares along the valley Ruiten AA, with the old Metbroekbos, an old oak forest of approximately 30-hectares.

Smeerling... Smeerling-23.jpg Smeerling-14.jpg

DSC00417_bewerkt-1.jpg DSC04027.jpg _MG_4877.jpg


Around the corner of the Parc lies the small hamlet Veele. Characterized by small winding streets in an idyllic landscape.

Hamlet Veele near the Parc Veele in the Valley of the Ruiten AA

The Hoorndermeden and the Gaast

At about 4 km from the Parc you will find two old small landscapes. They lie side by side, northwest of Wedde. At the higher ashes are the fields. In the depths, directly opposite the Westerwoldse Aa, the marshy meadows.

the wet meadows of the Gaast near Vlagtwedde with grazing cows in the River Valley along the Westerwoldse AA


Bellingwolde is a very stately village. Right at the border of Westerwolde.

The village is characterized by a very leafy main road with huge and impressive beech and impressive farmhouses, sometimes just castles.

Here we notice the sharp contrast between the rich and the poor which characterized this region in the past. An ideal breeding ground for the Communist Party … Definitely worth visiting.

Farms like castles in Bellingwolde, Groningen highlight the rich agricultural history of the region Groningen

Ter Borg and De Beetse

In the hamlet Ter Borg, the time stood still for centuries. There are only four farmhouses and a 17th Century sheepfold. All around are small fields and hedgerows. Some oaks are 200 years old. And so thick that you can not hug them.

In the hamlet Sellingerbeetse lies the nature area “Sellingerveld”, adjacent to the hamlet Ter Borg. “De Beetse”, as it is popularly called, is best known for its swimming lake surrounded by nature.

A wonderful area for walking, cycling and swimming.

Sheepfold in the nature reserve of Ter Borg in the neighbourhood of Sellingen with auxiliary Sellingerbeetse

We have tried to sketch you a complete picture of the immediate surroundings of the Parc. We have used many images. In particular images of nature photographer Jon A. Bakker.

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